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16 April 2006 @ 11:36 pm
       They were sneering at her. Violet could see it now. She struggled through the room of dancers. Their movements created obstacles as they constantly swept right into her path toward the door.
       Zaniel's voice echoed around her. "Violet...Violet...don't leave."
       Violet was pushed and jostled by the dancers. They were purposefully keeping her from the door. She began to notice peculiar things about the party guests. One woman's eyes were exceptionally bright. The waitresses seemed to have sprouted wings. A man had dainty horns protruding from his forhead, and long pointy teeth when he grinned at her. So many of them had such delicate elven faces.
       They had encircled her. They all stared at her the way a cat watches a moth; just something to play with...
       "A Human! A Human!" they cried. Their shrill, sadistic laughter filled the room.
       "Where did she come from?"
       "How did she get in here?"
       "They were closing in on Violet. Hands that had seemed graceful turned to hungry claws before her eyes. There wasn't any escape. Expecting to wake from the nightmare, she let out something between a whimper and a shreik. Nothing she had ever learned covered a situation like this.
       Suddnely the crowd began to part, making way for a giant blue orb. But no, that wasn't an orb, though she -- yes, she -- glowed with power.
       Her hair streamed about her head with life of its own, flowing gently like water. Her cerulean eyes were large in her delicate-featured face, sparkling like stars were inside of them. The shape of her face drew attention to her slender ears that came to a curling point at the top. Her frail-looking figure was clothed in a dress that looked to be magic itself. It flowed around her as she advanced forward with a flutter of translucent wings. She was delicate but grand. A wreath of white flowers and dainty metallic thorns encircled her head. It occured to Violet that the wreath served as a crown. A queen of faeries. No wonder the crowd parted before her so submissively.
       "Pray, let me see the human girl," her voice came, like deep chimes, dissonant yet beautiful. She floated gracefully toward violet.
       Violet stared, suddenly paralized with awe. The blue woman's eyes were like deep midnight skies. She reached out with hands like icicles. Violet's hand stretched out to meet hers before she realized it. She paused, trying to fight whatever spell she was under. There were those enchanting eyes staring int hers, willing her to move her hand forward. Violet faught, but she began to move forward, as if something was pushing her, and tugging at her hand.
       No. No.
       "Noooo!" a man's voice screamed, breaking the queen's concentration. Violet stumbled back, as one does when pulling at something that suddenly gives way, and fell back on the floor. A tall dark figure stepped between them.
       It was Zaniel, his feet planted firmly. Even in his defiant stance he was poised and graceful. "She is mine," he declared.
       Violet stood. "Yours? I belong to n--"
       Zaniel shot her a look of annoyance, or perhaps pleading for her to go along with him.
       She didn't fully understand what was happening but she had a bad feeling about it anyway. There wasn't much choice but to go along with Zaniel's scheme, though he could be working against her. These folk were strange, and the laws of man did not apply here.
       The queen stared at him for a brief moment with something like confusion in her face, though it was difficult to read her alien face. Then a smile spread on her frosty lips. "Zaniel, I knew you were a mischievous type. Pray, tell me why you feel it necessary to wear such a disguise before us?"
       "I mean no deception for you and your courts," Zaniel sighed. "I..." He glanced toward Violet.
       "You wear it for the human, then?" she said with an amused tone. "You wanted her to think you were human? Gain her trust?" She laughed. "Show yourself to the court, and to your human friend." She spat the word human like it was a curse.
29 January 2006 @ 11:16 pm
I wrote this a while back. I suppose it's the story that starts it all. Very deeply inspired by the song "Absinthe With Faust" by Cradle of Filth. And so I give you...

Stranger than you dreamt itCollapse )
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29 January 2006 @ 12:19 am
Welcome to the Novella of Violet. This the test entry for layout purposes. Real entries shall commense shortly.

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